11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (2024)

Are you looking for some RV decorating ideas to make your RV or camper look – and feel – more like home? If so, check out these 11 ideas to help add some style to your RV.

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Let’s Look at the RV Decorating Ideas

Everyone has different tastes and styles so some of these RV decorating ideas below may not exactly suit your taste. But hopefully it will inspire you in some way and that you can use it as a springboard to find some camper decor ideas that do suit you.

And you’ll see from some of these pictures that RV decor doesn’t have to be tacky and you can add a lot of your own style to your camper in simple ways.

1) Throw Pillows

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (2)

Having some stylish throw pillows on your RV couch or bed can instantly make your camper look more homey.

The throw pillow above actually comes blank with no color. And then you use fabric markers to color in the States you’ve visited.

It is a cool idea that is sure to get questions from visitors.

Let’s Look at an Example from Instagram where they use throw pillows

Check out how cozy this looks. I like the eclectic selection of different patterns on her throw pillows.

How can you achieve this look?

You can pick up some popular “inserts” (the pillows themselves) on Amazon (as shown below), and then you can get some pillow cases to match your style.

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (3)

2) Cozy Throw Blankets

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (4)

Draping a decorative throw blanket over the back of your RV couch can really help make your camper look cozy and inviting.

The plush throw blanket above is made by Camco and is a really BIG blanket…it is a queen-sized blanket so it’ll cover you and your loved ones while relaxing.

Beautiful Example from Instagram

The photo below from “thehappytrailerco” looks like a great little spot. They have throw pillows, slip covers over the couch, and a couple blankets too. As they said in their comment, it does make you want to sit there and play some music or read.

How to achieve this look?

Do you have some blankets at home that aren’t being used? If so, toss them in your RV.

Or you can shop at your local retailers (or online) to try and find a nice blanket that matches your decor and throw pillows.

Below is a highly-rated and popular “Tartan” patterned Sherpa blanket available on Amazon.

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (5)

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (6)11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (7)11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (8)

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (9)11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (10)

3) Get new Window Treatments

Changing your RV’s blinds or curtains is a sure-fire way to add your own personal touch to the place. It’s an RV decorating idea that has big, immediate impact.

Sewing new blinds for my old camper was one of the first things my dad and I did once I brought it home. (One of my only sewing projects…that’s how well they turned out 🙂 )

Great Example from Instagram:

In the RV below (from the “born_a_rambling_fam” on Instagram) there is a lot to love. But in this case, check out the curtains. I really doubt they were stock.

Can you do something like this in your camper?

How can you get this look?

Walmart and many other retailers have curtains and blinds for sale. But first, you’ll need to know how you plan on mounting the hardware, and the measurements. (In your RV, can you keep existing hardware and simply get new curtains?)

Check out this article on how to measure for curtains.

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4) Add some Art to your RV

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (12)

Adding some art to your camper can help make it feel like home. The above “Happy Camper” artwork is a printable file you can buy on Etsy. You buy it, print it off at home, frame it and then you’ve got yourself some cool artwork.

Do you already have some artwork at home that you can put in your camper?

5) Family photos

What says home more than family, and what says family more than family photos.

Go ahead and put a nice family portrait up in your RV. And if you’re solo, put up your best camping selfie ever!

(I don’t think I need to show you an Instagram example of this one…I think you get it. 🙂 )

6) Area Rugs

Adding an area rug to your RV – if it will fit – is a great way to add some softness and comfort to your camper. You may have to look for a narrow “runner” style area rug.

Area rugs are a quick and easy RV decorating ideas.

What’s your style? Are you into Persian-style rugs or plain, shaggy area rugs? There are lots of choices out there, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

7) New Kitchen Back splash

If you want your RV kitchen to look and feel more like home you can change the back splash using peel-and-stick back splash tiles.

Below is picture of some popular peel and stick subway tiles that are available on Amazon.

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (13)

I realize that adding a back splash is a little more difficult than tossing some cushions on the couch. So if you’re curious, check out the YouTube video below on how to install them in your RV.

8) Paint the Cabinets

The color or look of your RV kitchen cabinets is often the last thing you consider when you’re buying an RV.

If you’re tired of the “old” look of your kitchen cabinets then you can paint them. This is more of a RV remodel idea than strictly a RV decorating idea, but it can really update an old camper.

The YouTube video below gives you some tips on how to paint your camper’s cabinets. (And the DIY Mommy has some of the things we’ve already discussed to make her RV look more like a home).

9) New Headboard

If your RV has a dedicated bedroom then you can improve the look – and coziness – of your bedroom by adding a new headboard. It doesn’t have to be fancy (or heavy) but it can help define your space better.

Excellent Example from Instagram

Check out the custom headboard that roamingwiththerobinsons did! If you click the arrow and go through the pictures, you’ll see the “Before” picture. Man, what a difference! They did a great job.

How can you achieve this look?

As we can see from the above example, one of the first things you can consider doing is eliminating extra “junky” stuff that may be on the wall above your bed right now. (Don’t tackle any DIY projects you’re not capable of though..such as wiring or messing with external walls.)

Perhaps you could just paint the headboard a different color to update the space?

If you want to check out the cheap and easy DIY headboard I made from laminated flooring for my house click the pic below.

10) Welcome Mat

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (15)

You can purchase cute welcome mats with pre-printed messages on them from lots of retailers, or you can order customized welcome mats with your family name on them.

Here are a couple examples of pre-printed welcome mats from Amazon.

Below is a picture of the lavender-styled welcome mat outside someone’s house…but would it work with your RV style?

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (16)

And here is an example of customized welcome mats with your own family name printed on it (from Etsy).

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (17)

11) Add some house plants

Having a touch of green makes your RV feel less like a factory creation, and more like a cozy abode.

You’ll have to choose plants that match your lifestyle. Are you rarely in your RV? Then you’ll need a very low maintenance plant. (Here is an article from HGTV on low maintenance house plants. Opens in a new tab.)

Great Example from Instagram

There are more “lush” examples of people really decking their RV out with plants, but look at how just one house plant can really change the feel of this room.

How to achieve this look:

If you are in your RV regularly – or live in it – then you can get away with most types of house plants. But if you’re rarely there you’ll want a low maintenance plant, or even consider getting an artificial plant.

A fake plant won’t provide the air-purifying properties of a real plant, but it will provide the splash of green your camper has been lacking.

I was surprised to see so many popular plants on Amazon. While researching this article I came across some that looked really good…and not too big because you may not have much room in your RV.

11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (18)

If you want to get some of the best air-purifying indoor plants (c/o NASA scientists) check this out. Adding some plants to your RV (real or artificial) is an easy and quick RV decorating idea.

Awesome Examples of Stylish RV Decorating Ideas from Instagram

These are images of very stylish RV interiors that were shared on Instagram. I don’t claim any copyright of these photos…that belongs to the person who took the photo. But I do recommend that you like and follow these Instagrammers if you like what you see.

The RV of allisongoesplaces looks amazing. It looks like someone’s home…not a camper. She has a great area rug, a super cool couch, throw pillows,

The RV below has a few of the things mentioned in this list on ways to make your camper feel like home. They have a nice blanket on the couch, some throw pillows, a timeless, ornate area rug,

Thank you.

I hope you’ve found some of these RV decorating ideas inspiring. I bet a few of them can help you make your RV look more like home.

The Quick and Easy RV Decorating Ideas:

  • Throw cushions
  • Cozy throw blankets
  • Add artwork
  • Put up a family photo
  • Throw down an area rug
  • Buy some house plants (real or artificial)
  • Put out an outdoor welcome mat
  • Get new curtains or blinds (window treatments)

More Labor Intensive RV Decorating Ideas:

  • Install a new peel and stick kitchen back splash
  • Paint your RV kitchen cabinets
  • Build a new headboard for your RV bedroom

Which one of these RV decorating ideas work for you? Perhaps it is the throw cushions? Or maybe a new area rug?

Whichever RV decorating idea you choose, I’m sure it is going to look great.

Good luck and have fun.

Thank you,

Tim from LearnAlongWithMe.com

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11 RV Decorating Ideas to Make your RV Look more like Home (2024)
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