Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 11 (2024)

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Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 11 (1)

Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - November 2, 1968, Dunkirk-Fredonia, New York11evening november Central High school cheerleaders Are front Row Judy Ada Sally Gail Seeley and Marilyn second Row Janice Virginia sue Janine Maureen Jav Cheryl Hall and Brenda observer Neas beat the National report on whats happening Nickel Becent Candy bar is a relic of the generation Cost pressures on the Economy have literally eaten up the old Nickel Candy the Milky Way is no More at five cents that the Mars company Milky Way is now a 10cent Hershey foods Good old Hershey bars has not Given up on the five cent Price but the bar is slipping away in another weight is the As recently As 1966 Candy people got a full ounce of this in itself is the Hershey bar now is three quarters of an manufacturing costs have the Cost of Cocoa Beans has sky interestingly the costo Beans increase is not due to political upheaval As much As to ruinous Rains in chocolate just wait the 10cent bar is Here if political lines intersect in Africa with crop volume look out even advertising shy Hershey will be looking for ways to put Teeth into what was once a Sweet tooth Kidnap insurance several prominent teenage musicians have taken out unusual risk insurance with Lloyds of it is known As directors and officers the policy lists Only the insured persons age and the average rating is one per cent per whoever tries to Kidnap tiny Youknot who or mama Don guess will find it not necessarily but a big Job Nevern nonetheless occupational therapy therapy for the not just the work Force Community colleges Junior col Leges badly needed to take occupational education beyond High school bound to self employed and tradesmen generally demand business tools As Well As occupational Community colleges Are pumping away on a great growth they Are a key to offering degrees in Fields As specialized and diverse As restaurant real food serv ice fashion buying and air narcotics and drug abuse and Federal aviation including traffic hottest new item in fashion the Bra slip is making news and sales jurisdictional fight in the will it be manufactured by ready Tower makers or the Bra people Bra makers Point to dearth of suitable styles for women 21 and Over attributing the debacle to today surveys Point out that an interest ing byproduct of Row fashions failure is the huge in crease in Home loan groans first guaranteed College student loan was in Massachusetts in growth has now reached million a will soon top most Loans Are on a nonprofit some at a student activists should take a close look at this version of big Many of the loudmouthed protest types Arent aware of the the Loans Are usually made on a local basis by a savings and loan or credit the Borrower repays on an instalment basis after leaving in the event of a the United student Aid fund Antes up the unpaid portion of the protest anyone under the surface whitecaps a lot of deep water is in the establishment in this Case has its Money where the activists have their Mouths a recent Survey invited girls to Send in actual locks of hair for titled hair the implied in Terest was do blondes really have More ninety six per cent of the respondents were Between 13 and 17 years of Over 80 per cent per cent do not color their More than 43 per cent said they were satisfied with present Over 57 per cent said sixty five per cent use Cream rinses Reg sixty per cent use hair lacking Shine per cent is the most identifiable split ends is a close followed by hair that tangles when wet and lacking the respondents were 4g per cent Brown and 15 per cent Brunette for a total of 55 per cent thirty per cent were blonde natural or induced and the remaining 4 per cent were red skin problems of the surveyed group were Hung up on a dead heat betwixt oiliness and Robert Macleod teen Magazine its Academe Dunkirk senior students from Dunkirk senior High school will compete on its academic 9 at 7 on Channel 4 against Sta Point Central school and West Seneca Central High representing Dunkirk High will be Mary Ann Charles Acker and Donna their coach and scorekeeper will be Joseph Van Miller is quizmaster for the High school quiz series on student Council representatives at Forestville Central High school seated Judy treasurer Maureen Secretary and Roger vice George Hall was not present for the Loren Wanda James Cheryl Barbara Gary Joanne Topolski and Philip observer Albans women Albans episcopal Church women will hold a regular meeting on wednesday in the Undercroft of the Church at All members Are urged to attend so that plans for a Christmas cookie Sale May be miss Shirley Amer ican Field service students representative of Sil ver greek Central will be the guest speaker at the she will give a talk and show slides of her trip to Austria last Kennedy honoured Theodore past North Moose of the legion of the was honoured Sun Day by the Loyal order of Moose 1307 and was presented a life the women of the chapter prepared and served the childrens party Charles Hanford Bay entertained at a halloween party for her children Mark and Julie on a luncheon was served at noon to 21 children and 12 favors were presented to the children who were All preschool Silver Creek by Rachel Harris phone 9343812 women of Moose the women of the Moose 862 recently held a meeting with Evelyn senior re an invitation was accepted to celebrate the 18th anniversary of Hamburg chapter 1217 on 17 in Ham it was reported that a dinner was Given by the in Honor of Ted a Mem Ber of the Loyal order of special committee were made by the mesdames Bonnie Erma Kennedy and Ethel a recommendation was made by the executive Board to Pur Chase a red stole for coworker Kennedy who will be in vested with the regalia at the annual Winter conference in March plans for an anniversary party were made to take place on at the Moose Home in Silver invitations for the party Are being extended to the follow ing chapters James Ham Salamanca and Lake Shore in Fin Al plans will be announced at a later the next regular meeting will be held on at 8 personals Bonnie women of the Moose Junior graduate and Esther Mae College of recently spent two Days in Schenectady where they attended convocation Koch received her Green Beanie and Pray was her Cap Ping Monarch memos student of the week by Tom Pochylski varied emotions were Dis played last week when the proofs of the senior yearbook pictures were sent to the Stu dents for the Varden studios gave the seniors the Opportunity to choose which picture they preferred in the yearbook and to buy extra copies of the photos in All the student body is being urged to rejuvenate this years Patron drive and the results should show since the students will have had a Long weekend to solicit we ask local merchants to be since their contributions will buy advertising space in the last night Mindszenty played Fredonia As part of the big three How the results were not Avail Able at the time of this our first loss this season to a Victory would prove speaking of you just you cant that is if youre talking about minds zen Tys Cross country team which retired undefeated this season headed by Robert Mcgaughey and populated by a multitude of great preparations Are already being made for the Homecoming ceremonies which will be held during our bout with Dun Kirk Little d a Vic tory Here would prove both Welcome and thursday halloween found the senior girls dressed in their halloween regalia and equipped with an ample singing father Moderator of the cafeteria period during which this All took submissively condoned All of their actions due to certain extenuating among these circ*mstances the fact that the girls gave father a rousing cheer of William 17yearold son of and Raymond 340 Franklin is the student of the who is a member of the 1968 championship Dunkirk High football has played four years of two years each of basketball and a member of the senior he is president of the student Council and boys d he is taking the College Entrance course at Dunkirk and Hopes to go to majoring in outside of he is president of explorer Post 54 of marys a member of the Alpha Beta Alpha fraternal organization and does a lot of camping and observer happenings at by Mary Andrews As Dos students approached school monday they were surprised to see a Large sign on the Homecoming it was put up sunday night by a group of eager Well spirited this week the Halls of the school were covered with Post ers and signs symbolizing the great spirit of the wednesday was the fresh Man and Sophom*ore spirit both classes had Many signs on the thursday saw the juniors and seniors at the height of their the juniors sold buttons to the entire they had Many imaginative the seniors wore red and White carnations and they also had Many signs All Over the the front Lawn was turned into a graveyard with the headstones of the Olean these were later moved to the Small Hill Over looking the football in a tradition that the class of 69 started in its Junior seniors presented coach Keough with key of this is All part of the great spirit a Cash of will be awarded to the class showing the most for weeks now the students have worked diligently making the freshman float the marauder is King had a Large marauder sitting on a the Sophom*ore class float was weve got the whole school on our it expresses the spirit of the entire the mighty marauder was the juniors it was a 12foot Long cat jumping Over a goal the senior class float was world almanac facts a football Plaver whipping a dogsled drawn by three whip the huskies was the halloween night was the big Bonfire and Pep last Friday the Homecoming Queen candidates and court were the freshmen chose heti the Sopho mores voted for Sarah warm Mikey Glenn was the Junior class Cindy Mary Jane i and Linda Kujawa were the three Queen the student body voted on the Choice of Queen yesterday in Assem she was crowned during the half time last congratulations a dance with music by the sound in vestment concluded the week Long Friday the underclassmen had their yearbook pictures taken by Varden studios of congratulations to Tom he was chosen As a member of the state tuesday the girls d club travel de to Cassadaga for a play the citizen will have a new the heading will now be in Maroon print with the school Seal and a marauder so buy a citizen permanently pressed jeans turtles again win the race when it comes to mens sweat ers for but this years crop is different from gentle mens quarterly says the Turtle decks come in a variety of patterns that didst exist a year instead of Flat knit solids or one color bullies and Cable the cables come in red and an oversized windowpane Check beefs up a Silver Gray Turtle Copper covers the front of a Tan two others have crosses dividing the front into colourful while still another sweater is patterned with a dramatic the hot dogs and Ham burgers cooked at most modern barbecues Are modest fare compared with that of earlier the world almanac notes that Barbecue originally implied roasting a whole hog or other Large animal Over a pit of glowing embers As first done by the whole animals were spotted from whiskers to Tail As the French from Barbe to built to take styled to make permanently pressed Only male gives you such Happy clingin1 plus permanent press for a crease that wont come Tayem want an 27 to 36 Waist advertised in Playboy and Esquire 700 from rathskeller 321 Central;

Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 11 (2024)
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