Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 15 (2024)

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Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 15 (1)

Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - November 2, 1968, Dunkirk-Fredonia, New YorkDunkirk win Wolfe outstanding in 266 win a t Fredonia by Keith Sheldon Tom Ostrye criticized by some in Mindszenty setback to undefeated Walsh last roared Back with a vengeance Friday night in Fredonia Orange bowl the Junior quarterback fired three touchdown passes and connected on his first six aerials As he guided coach Bob mus cats monarchs to an 266 Victory Over archrival fre this sets the stage for Mindszenty annual Battle with Dun Kirk next saturday for the local Little three championship the monarchs now Are 51 and Dunkirk is 61 following its Triumph Over Dan the amazing senior halfback for the Mon caught two touchdown passes from ran for a and kicked two extra Points to raise his total num Ber of Points to 92 in six Mindszenty dominated play in the first half and built up a 200 Fredonia came Back to play the monarchs on even in the second it was the seventh straight loss for coach Chuck Johnstons Hill toppers who close out their Campaign at Home next Friday who hit on just 5 of 25 passes not always his fault against was on the beam Friday As he picked apart Fredonia this was the big difference in the Mindszenty Abil Ity to pass and Fredonia in ability to do the the statistics Mindszenty Fredonia 18 first Downs 10 186 Yards Rushing 148 195 Yards passing 26 381 total offence 174 19 Yards lost 38 362 net offence 136 16 passes attempted 10 9 passes completed 2 1 intercepted by 1 60 Yards penalized 20 1 punts 4 29 punting average 20 2 fumbles 2 2 Ball 0 20 a kicks 81 Fredonia still retains a slight Edge in the seven wins to six for Mindszenty and two the monarchs now have won the last two encounters and Lead in total Points for the 15 the Hill toppers surprised Mindszenty with an onside kick by Cal Astry to open the it was recovered by Fredonia Dave on the second Wolfe intercepted a Don Fadale but Fredonia soon had the Ball Back As Jim Nosek pounced on a Wolfe Fumble of a a Short Quick kick by the which travelled Only 11 Yards and was returned 10 by Carl Nasca to the Fredonia led to the first Mindszenty Nasca scores with a fourth Down and three for a first Down at the Fredonia Ostrye fooled the Fredonia defenders with a pass to Nasca in the end wolfes kick for the Pat was there was left in the first Quad the next time the monarchs got the they marched 72 Yards in eight Tom Samuelson ripped 13 Yards Over right a pass from Ostrye to Nasca alone on the left Side gained 29 with just two seconds remaining in the opening Wolfe flashed Down the Middle and had his defender beaten by five Yards As he corralled a pass from the play covered 18 a Low snap didst prevent Wolfe from kicking the extra Fredonia launched a drive at the Start of the second Quad aided by a pass interference they moved from their own 41 to the Mindszenty Astry nearly broke Loose for a touchdown run but was Stop Ped by wolfes ankle tackle after a 12yard Dave Coon also had some Good on fourth Down and nine from the Mindszenty Coon and Nasca battled for Nadales pass on the goal after Nasca deflected opening 4th Rani Lauora Jerry formally Ames liquors watch mondays observer for Complete details the Coon had a second juggled and hold Mindszenty took Over and moved 86 Yards in 14 plays for their third Samuelson scampered 18 on a pitch around left Ostrye passed to Nasca for 15 Ostrye got eight on a while John Kirst contributed some Good Yard Wolfe cracked Over right tackle two Yards for the touch Down and kicked the extra it was 200 at the the monarchs finished their scoring Early in the second Ostrye passed to and the speedy senior dazzled the Large crowd As he reversed his Field twice and broke away for a 44yard gain to the Fredonia Wolfe again four plays on fourth and Wolfe again left the Fredonia secondary Flat footed As he raced Down the Middle for a 32yard to his kick was Mindszenty punted for the first and Only time late in the third Fredonia took Over on its own on the Sec Ond Nasca intercepted a pass but it was nullified by a pass interference Fredonia rolled on to a touch the big gainer was a 26yard pass play As Bob Morse made a Fine leaping catch of Nadales with Mindszenty looking for the pass on a third and 15 Coon bulled up the Middle 20 Yards on a draw play called by coach Johnston for the torn Destro was flattened by Dan Kennedy on the extra Point there was no additional scor Astry intercepted a pass to Stop one Mindszenty while Tom Saden and Tanner Luce combined to drop Ostrye on a fourth Down play at the Fredonia before time ran the orangemen collected two first Downs including a 14yard run by an offensive pass interference penalty rubbed out a completed pass to Astry in Mindszenty pigskin notes Tom pal Cic did his usual outstanding Job As Mindszenty Dan Ostrye turned in a Good game at and coach Muscato also had Praise for his entire defensive Backfield Jack and Coon were the work horses for shriek on some Mindszenty helmets indicates a club within the football it is based on about 10 qualifications set by the coaching there currently Are nine after starting out with three strange sight Early in the second air plane approached the Field from the Southeast with its Landing lights it turned them put them Back and then continued starting offensive lineups Mindszenty 26 Fredonia 6 Lebell it Nosek in Morse c Ameno re Valvo it Mckinnon re Morse a a Destro in Astry re Luce feb Coon substitutes minds Zenty and Crea Fredonia Dun and officials Moore head Schwen Kel Carlson Field score by Mindszenty 13 7 6 Fredonia Foreman for huh Houston pres ident Hubert Humphrey had another Campaign Volunteer today olympic heavyweight boxing Champion George fore Man of Foreman left for Chicago Friday to Humphreys Campaign and travel with him through when Humphrey the Astrodome for a 15evening november 2 1968 showdown Penkaty Pace 6th straight 187 by Rick savers Dunkirk High gave its Homecoming crowd plenty to cheer about Friday whipping in an exciting non league game at it was the sixth straight Victory for coach Vince Keough which were terrific on offence and a tremendous team Effort was one of the reasons for the win Over the Olean which was but nothing it averaged about 230 across the but was slow and guard Frank Penkaty and halfback Bob Barlette were two of the individual standouts for the mighty Penkaty played a tremendous they generated a Good drive defensive turning in 26 Early in the fourth period Only while Barlette helped spark the offence with 104 Yards plus a 65yard Kickoff the rest of the team was also with the line playing its Best game of the year and the Backfield of Dave Fred Warmbrodt and Frank Nalepa playing its usual Good the statistics Olean 7 Dunkirk 18 hot Pursuit Bob Barlette 41 of Dunkirk races around an end with three big Olean players trying vainly to catch the Barlette was one of the stars in Dunkirk 187 Fred Warmbrodt Dunkirk finds running room in fridays it looks like an Olean player is about to clip one of his one of the blockers for Dunkirk is Tom Mleczko Dunkirk now 61 prepares for Mindszenty 51 next Downs 15 Rushing 295 passing 51 offence 346 lost 30 offence 316 attempted 13 completed 4 by 1 penalized 60 1 2 averages 44 1 q fumbles 0 one turning Point in the game could be the defensive switch Dunkirk made in the second which resulted in holding Olean to four Yards net Rushing and Only 20 Yards passing in the entire second the big win sets Dunkirk up for its finale against City next saturday night at Mindszenty the game will decide the Little three Dunkirk wasted no time in getting with an opening pass to Criscione for 19 Yards and a Good March to the until oleans Aiello intercepted a pass on the the Dunkirk defense held and Warmbrodt came right Back on the next play to lateral to who raced up the Field 78yards for the on a fake extra Point Criscione passed to Zielinski for the extra Point and 70 several plays Frank Nalepa broke three tackles and raced to pay dirt for an other Dunkirk Only to have it called Back by a clip Ping not to be Criscione then booted a 32yard Field goal to give Dunkirk a Strong 100 Lead with left in the Olean generated its first offensive drive in the final two minutes of the with flanker Bob Parks leading the drive with three straight pitch out with Only 48 seconds Parks went the final 15yards on another pitch out for an Olean Aiello kicked the Pat to Cut the Lead to Barlette took the next Kickoff on the 35yard line and raced 65yards up the Side line for the touchdown and 167 half time after the Dun Kirk switched its defense to con Tain the pitch out and also stopped oleans whole the marauder defensive which has been the Unsung he roes of the championship held Olean to four Yards net Rushing in the second Dunkirk controlled the Ball All of the third but was not Able to to lose the Ball on the on Yard after three bad plays Ole an was forced to punt from the a bad snap sailed Over the kickers head and out of the end it gave a safety and two Points to the substitutes played out the final minutes of the game for gaining some valuable experience for next pigskin Kirk has a real Fine Ball club and outplayed said Olean coach John that Barlette is a real Fine he Hes As Fine As Ive seen All Dun Kirk coach Vince Keough was crowned King Keough by a Happy group of players Keough Homecoming quote if they want to they have to pay the the bit of soul music in the Dunkirk locker both school bands put on an enjoyable half time with the floats and the crowning of the Queen As an extra added Mary Jane Depietro was the Beautiful Homecoming Queen bring on Mindszenty was the last cry we heard from the Dunkirk locker starting offensive lineups Olean 7 Dunkirk 18 be Zielinski it Cybart in Mleczko c Kleparek re Penkaty it Gould re Graf a a Warmbrodt in Barlette re Nalepa Aiellio feb Criscione substitutes Dunkirk Bart Lancas Hooten Ole an score by quarters 070 790 7 who 9n where in sports the county sports schedule today Valley conference Westfield at Forestville Maple Grove at Cassadaga Valley Eisenhower at Randolph Vine conference Pine Valley at Mayville Ripley at Clymer soccer Cortland at Fredonia state strip mowing of grasslands has proven to be the most pop ular of All agricultural ser vation practices act practices with applications received by county offices this Mindszenty romps Carl Nasca finds plenty of running room top picture As he catches a Tom Ostrye pass and glides into the end poor pass coverage led to the downfall of the lower left Dan Wolfe jumps a Little higher than Fredonia Cal Astry to intercept a Don Fadale pass Early in fridays lower right Wolfe scores one of his three touchdowns As he takes a pass Ostrye and moves into pay if you need More car than our 1969 better look at main motors route 20;

Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 15 (2024)
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