Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 6 (2024)

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Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 6 (1)

Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - November 2, 1968, Dunkirk-Fredonia, New York6evening november editorials a Short step toward peace Don Oakley Holiday for election the agonizingly slow movement to Ward peace in Vietnam has advanced one More step with president John sons order for cessation of the bomb ing of North far from making instant peace the action is a relatively Small but it presumably opens the Way for talks about a major withdrawal of american and North vietnamese leaving South vietnamese and Viet Cong forces to fight it negotiations Over this next critical action Are most Likely to be Long and drawn out if past experience in Deal ing with communist trained bargain ers is in the weeks and months that talks Are expected to both americans and North vietnamese can be expected to hurry the Pace of equipping and training the South vietnamese forces which each it has taken five months of talking to reach this preliminary there should be no real expectation that subsequent stages can be reached any More there can be some since it is possible the secret talks going on outside the Paris conference room May have reached out beyond the immediate problem and Laid ground work for later most observers Are agreed that the outcome will depend More on what happens in South Vietnam than on what happens in the ability of the South vietnamese government Bruce Biossat and of the Viet Cong to maintain morale and discipline among their troops will play a larger part in the final reckoning than will the Mere matter of adequate deter mining factors will be psychological and political As they were before the vast military escalation was be so much for the vietnamese the effect on american Domestic politics could be the whether calculated or for is such that the Hope for peace will be bolstered through elec Tion Day without the letdown which May come if the subsequent peace negotiations drag you cant Knock anything which even resembles Progress to Ward intriguing thought we realize that the United states cant be policeman for the whole but it be interesting if just just for a troops moved in and zapped a Bunch of no communists who overthrew a reasonably democratic government the military clique that ousted the constitutionally elected president of Panama it would certainly Surprise a lot of latin who have historic ally suffered from dictatorships of the not of the Richard not the lion hearted Richard Nixon who seems to be on the verge of election As the next president of the United states is fundamentally a non and no one can easily guess what that portends for his prospective performance in the White the hallmark on his 1968 quest for the presidency is its Bent to Ward in vote getting the Republican nominee has had one overriding keep control of the Situa this does not mean that he has taken no just to run for the office is to risk los he decided to enter the Spring primaries at a time when he expected serious rivalry from George Romney of Michigan and conceivably could have lost one or More at the last he has opened himself to the major panel shows after shunning them for two he has talked a great Deal in knowing that any one who does that will be subject to criticism of varying intensity from Many the overwhelm ing evidence is that he has done Only so much political gambling As he deemed for on the decision to enter the primaries an aide says he really had no he had to act to try to eliminate his losers image from 1960 and on the matter of finally appearing on panel the signs Are Strong that he agreed when he and some members of his staff became concerned that his no involvement in open de Bate with vice president Humphrey and his limited exposure to hard questioning was Leav ing the impression he feared such but it seems unassailable judgment that he does not like the uncertainty inherent in the freewheeling press conference or his management of himself is Best when he has care fully anticipated difficulty and moved in Advance to Cope with he does not like the unexpected and More than once has been shaken by the hard debate challenges of the late John Kennedy in 1960 threw Nixon off programmed stride and he never really re covered that poor relations with the press in that Campaign and in his 1962 bid for the Cali fornia governorship also disconcerted him and damaged his so granted his taking the inevitable risk of running at All after having lost Nixon has acted in 1968 to anticipate Trou ble and Blunt it from the he has dealt smoothly and efficiently with the press while never really exposing himself to the worst uncertainties in he has shied away from debate encounters whose consequences could not be foreseen or even As he ran in the Primar ies against limited or no opposition As it turned he consistently applied relatively mild pressures to win other Conven Tion and while this truly served party it also Cut his risks of making in this election Cam he has known for months that he is Riding the Crest of a National Law and order he has arrayed himself on the Side of troubled millions who can elect though he if he be president of All the peo he has not reached out to draw in resentful angry War Campus trouble he is not bridging the Gap it is his deliberate Choice not to reach to do he is to touch the disrupter and risk the Wrath of the troubled and hence risk not Tak ing that he leaves to the nation the risk of discover ing How he would govern All the people if elected on other voices the russian Empire the czechs have Given in to Force Majure on All Points and Moscow still int pravda complains because the czech people Are still allowed to show and express dislike of rus sians and recent russian As the process of russian digestion of Czechoslovakia continues it becomes increasingly Clear what this is All Moscow is treating Czechoslovakia As a conquered prov Ince of Dubcek and his associates in last Springs allot Brief reformation have been Given a very simple they Are allowed to be the instruments of russian Power in their own or Russia will Rule Czechoslovakia and which is worse for dub Cek does he play the role of Quisling or does he surrender his countrymen to the Fate of Lithuania and Estonia those were once the names of both nations and they Are now merely the names for geographic parts of the soviet the and lithuanian Peoples have been broken up and scattered throughout other parts of the russian they can never be put together the danger to the czech people is All too clearly either they must pretend to love their russian or will up a scattered and their Homes and villages and cities will be resettled by Western diplomats and writ ers Grope for ways of describing and identifying what has some Call it a return of some see in it Evi Dence of the implacable greed of the real truth of the matter is that Russia is behaving exactly As Russia has behaved throughout most of its this is the worst Fea Ture of czarist All Over communism has nothing to do with the Russia has not invaded Czechoslovakia for the Sake of but in spite of the fact that both coun tries Are Inci dentally also the cause of world communism has been set Back More than by anything before done from this is the Way ancient Rome consolidated its it is the Way the ancient russian state grew from being merely the duchy of Moscow into being the present vast russian pm Peoples were and incorporated into the rus Sian those who continued to resist were broken up and this is old style russian Des it is it is it is it is it is totally Call and it is above typically any of the czars would have Dane the same Czechoslovakia from 1945 Down to the Spring of an autonomous province of the russian it was allowed to run its own internal affairs because its leaders Over most of that period were the worst sycophants in the whole it was nauseating to see their flaunted adulation of Russia and everything russian during the worst it was the Only province of the Empire which even put red stars on the front of All railway then the czechs reasserted they decided that they wanted again to be inde they wished to escape from the russian Empire As they had escaped from the aus Trian Empire after they had lived for three centuries As austrian it was a Long their escape was decisive in destroying that ancient if they had made Good their escape from the russian Empire this year they might also have been decisive in set Ting off the breakup of that pm some Day it will break the serious question for the czechs is whether they will still be a nation living in their pres ent lands when that breakup the Price will be but perhaps its better than be ing broken up and scattered All Over Joseph harsh in the Christian Sci ence we already have eight National honouring our our War our labor Why not a an election Day to Call attention to our Basic duty As citizens and to make it easier for us to carry out that duty the Man who asks is Frank president of the Columbia broadcasting who for some time has been plugging for a 24hour election Day with the polls opening and closing simultaneously throughout the country regard less of local clock this would permit any Man or woman anywhere in the United states to vote at any time of the Day or he it would provide equal Access to the which seems to me a Basic objective of self it would relieve the pressure in Urban and sub Urban voting districts where slow moving lines often discourage voters from even making the attempt to it would end the attitude that Vot ing is an unpleasant chore to be squeezed somehow into a Busy Day of Normal in All states he election Day Falls on a work ing and in 20 states there Are no requirements that employees be Given time off to for those who must get to work polls frequently open too and for those who work late they often close too the combination of often in convenient polling anachronistic residence require ments and methods of voting holds Down the number of he in no presidential for have More than 64 per cent of citizens of voting age Ever cast in con Gressional of year elections since world War Only once 1966 has the number broken through the 50 per cent not Only does Stanton think an election Holiday would in crease the number of but uniform voting hours would put an end to charges that returns from states where the polls close Early in fluence voters in states where they close hours the broadcasting Industry has been blamed for this alleged band Wagon a lot of people Are be ginning to climb on Stan tons own the idea received a big boost from the state secretaries of who endorsed it at their meeting in Las vegas in opponents present at least one formidable argument against however a 24hour election Day would double the costs of an Babson Bureau your vote is vital Wellesley Days from the popular balloting for president of the United states will take place in every Corner of the Nat we May not know until some time in january who the next chief executive will it could be that close following the party conventions this disaffection and dissatisfaction with the nominees was widespread among demo and others not normally Hardan fast adherents of either differences of opinion within the ranks of democrats were More noticeable than among though Many staunch republicans were dismayed at the Choice of governor Agnew for second spot on that and literally millions of of Dif Fering political have been unhappy because they could detect Little distinction in what they regarded As the hawkish views of and Wallace on the Vietnam Many citizens Are reportedly so wrought up that they May not vote at but As each Day More and More undecided voters Are reaching a the spread Between the two leading candidates has apparently narrowed and there is some reason to believe the third candidate reached a popularity Peak some time right additional millions of voters Are swinging toward a at this no Man knows How close this election will actually turn out to but we do know that the cleavages Over Law and foreign civil and the War on poverty will cause More Cross switching by voters than normally we also know that Wallace has attracted More voter interest and support than any third party candidate within the Wallace strength and these Cross trends within the major parties could make for a deadlock in the electoral col even if one of the three candidates should attain a majority of the popular for it is in the electoral College that the final decision will be when we make our ballot Choice for president and vice we Are actually select ing a slate of electors who will presumably favor our chosen the electors from each state equal in number the senators and representatives from that puerto the Virgin the canal and Guam have no elec toral vote but the District of Columbia does have 3 the full complement of the electoral College is with 270 votes needed to the electors cast their votes in their respective states on the monday following the second wednesday in december 16 this if no presidential candidate receives 270 votes when the ballots Are opened by the president of the Senate on january and tallied in the presence of the Senate and the House of representatives the House then chooses a president from among the three candidates having the greatest number of electoral with each state having but one vote and with 26 needed to the Senate picks the vice president from among the two candidates having the greatest number of electoral with each senator having one vote and with 51 needed to voter disagreement with this years presidential Candi dates on particular issues is loud and it is feared that Many voters May stay away from the polls to avoid having to make a such a would be hypocritical and we contribute to the welfare of the nation by our we do not deserve our rights and free american citizens unless we Are willing to use that the importance of our in cannot be the life of our Republic depends upon David Poling the new presidents pastor everyone is now playing the Cabine picking for next president already there Are three or four choices for each Job and a Public discussion on whether Nelson Rockefeller would be Best As head of the Treasury or the defense since they both lose anything that he can do Wili be an its not so strange nor even too Early to talk about the presidents Billy Graham was part of the Nixon convention scene and one National Magazine saw him playing a personal role in the candidates decision to seek the White House Graham has been a Golf ing companion for 18 so must be Given the 1 design Norman Vincent Peale Hafs been the Nixon family Pas Tor in new attending Marble collegiate Church in Tricia and Julie Nixon Are known to appreciate the style and Content of peales yet Nixon has Strong qua Ker loyalties and has been restrained in any Strong pub Lic attachment to special denominational loyalties or Cau there is some theological distance Between the quakers and the Southern baptists so the dutch Reform tradition May serve As a presidential before mentioning other names for the Post of the presidents we ought to consider the record of prior appoint ments unofficial and what might be expected in the Days Dwight Eisenhower was close to the Edward joining the National presbyterian Church in Washington during his first Elson was a military chaplain before taking that pastorate and knew the complaints and requirements of admirals and John Kennedy looked to no special padre or Al though his family was close to Cardinal gushing of Lyndon a member of the disciples of at tended various churches and frequently joined his daughter Lucy at sunday it should be observed that the Johnson administration lost almost Complete touch with the churches of America and the mood soldering Over the War in was this the fault of the president or the failure of his pastors to Tell it like it is there has never been any indication of Johnson being in touch with clergymen who opposed his those clerics within his companionship Circle have greeted him with hollow Praise and such uncritical support As to be almost dishonest to their it is a Bleak Day for the Christian Community when an ordained minister cannot speak the truth in love and turns his chaplaincy into an ecclesiastical this is not to say that chiefs of presi dents should be without support or they endure a thousand cuts and injuries every Day and a Good pastor fulfils an immediate and Nec Essary next president needs to have the Best counsel in every Domestic poli foreign business and Well As religion and social for hum would i a Clergyman who is More than a Good a min ister who excels in contemporary social problems As much As underwater tag in the White House or a prominent theologian who will do More than sing How great thou Art while Saigon collapses and Newark there is dynamic leadership in men and women who Are not on Tele who have never written bestselling books but who can make an essential contribution to the Well being of the coun think of John Fry in Chic Bishop Reid in Robert Mcafee Brown of Eugene Carson Blake of the world Council of if one wanted to pick the most representative pastor to the should be a woman they Are the largest number within the give the most time and Money and have the whole world in their if that be the Jacqueline Gren president of Webster col deserves first Consi theologically ecumenical by she would be an Ideal selection for any Nixon or Humphrey can find her phone number in the the Poling is presi Dent of the Christian Herald retrospective from the old files 1968 by what shall we try Humphrey the Nixon sneak or the Wallace bomb Twenty years a son was born at the Hospi Tal today to and Lawrence 140 Lake Shore forever Amber starring Linda Darnell and Cornel Wilde is playing at the state music by the Johnny Leone quartet is featured at the Peanut Malcolm Reed was elec Ted vice president in charge of sales for the Dunkirk Rajia Tor corporation at a meeting held in the Middle Road of thirty years Norbert Ostrye is vice presi Dent of the senior class at Forestville High Pic tured with him in the Obser ver Are Daphne treasurer Mary Secretary Stanley and Frank Price of ocelot Dunkirk received a Chest of Silver from their friends on the occasion of their 25th wedding Annivera Bridge was played Dur ing a party at their Home with prizes going to Casimer Albert Steven and Albert John son of and Frank 32 North Roberts has left for where he will study at the naval school forty years ago1928 miss Florence Colt of Brocton entertained two tables of Bridge last evening for miss Norma Lutgen of who will leave soon to take the nurses training course at John hop Kins Hospital in Harry proprietor of the Erie hotel Barber announces he has secured the services of de the new shop is one of the most modern in the on 5 a democratic rally will be held in Dom Polski Hall in the glorious first Ward to Honor Thomas Dunkirk greatest orator and fifty years a Nice meal in Germany consists of Corn meal and sour All Dunkirk women who have registered will have their first Opportunity to cast their ballots evening observer published every weekday evening by the Dunkirk printing company Henry treasurer Macleod associate editor Herbert associate editor Herman director Fred Page editor 8 and 10 second 14048 phone 3663000 the evening observer the official newspaper for the county of City of of Honor di8tincui8hed new Justino Dunkirk town of Vil i967 Lage of town of poin evening observer fret town of town of i Village of Forest Village of member audit Bureau of circulations subscription rates by mail of of d routes in Chautauqua county per by Carrier 50c per All and Are Independent contractors to the Dunkirk printing co checks Lor Advance Payran cola Lor More than one month should be made payable to the Dunkirk printing As agent or collection of subscriptions at other than published rates 4t not;

Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 6 (2024)
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