Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 9 (2024)

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Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 9 (1)

Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Dunkirk Evening Observer (Newspaper) - November 2, 1968, Dunkirk-Fredonia, New YorkStudent priests evening observer write directly to the Pope november George Crane by he Lois cd ask As a part of the Fredonia chamber of Commerce support of the Grange state convention in the Village this area merchants and industries contributed articles which were awarded As prizes on the final Day of the pictured Are some of the persons who were awarded left to right Are William chairman of the of convention miss Carol Drake of Frances Luke of Samuel Barley of and Frank Hoffman of curriculum conference Day was held by faculty members of the Fredonia District school system at the Wheelock school the sessions were held on 29 and shown addressing a talk on sensitivity training Given to Fredonia High school teachers is Harry assistant professor of educational administration at the school of education in and executive Secretary of the Central new York school study observer one gift works Many wonders give the United Way dear folks i so to real of using the Clear across my Kitchen and int that usually tin Only space there is for until i realized i could eliminate this situation for less than a heres what 1 did there Are usually two cab inet doors under the if you Only have one it Doest matter at use two cup Hooks and screw them about 12 inches apart on the inside of this door near the of the doors must be with your Bend the Hooks out a Little so they will form two l shapes sticking straight up on the buy rectangular plastic punch two holes in one Side near the top of the Basket with your ice pick to fit Over the cup Hooks on your now hang your Basket on the inside of this most fabulous the reason i say its the greatest if you an How you your Kitchen you will find that most of it is entered right at the Kitchen sink Why across the Kitchen or throw something across the room when All you have to do is open that Cabinet door and drop it in and if youll open the door completely you can Rake off nine tenths of the counter straps right into this Handy Dandy try it Doest Cost you anything except two cup Hooks and an inexpensive waste Bas you cant lose because the Basket can always be used somewhere else if you dont like this May reduce the Basket Ball practice of your but it sure saves your time and the Kitchen hello set a letter of laughter dear Heloise since in using nil your Tim saving How Tome i dont have any spare time a Mother dear Heloise we at the National Institute of dry cleaning agree with your recent column on re moving Fingernail polish from a Cotton skirt by using pure amyl acetate instead of using Fingernail polish re mover which contains acetone that will damage acetate fab As you the rubbing Al Cohol you suggested using to remove remaining stains will not harm Cotton but it is to use on acetate fabrics because it will take the color am Monia will remove some of the color from wools and you May want to caution your readers about the Points and if they Are not sure of the Type of material or if its to follow your advice of spot testing these products on a bit of hidden seam to be cer Tain it wont harm the Gar William Browne and bless you Hel olso dear Heloise when i am sick and have an upset my Mother makes some soft drink ice and lets me it sure helps Settle my they melt slowly and Are not Messy at Nancy Peet ago 11 dear Heloise i used to store together in Glass tumblers on various being rather the one with the toothbrushes in the bathroom frequently landed on the tile floor with the resultant Cut feet and that problem has been solved by gluing a plastic cof fee can lid onto the Bottom of a plastic now i have to concentrate in order to upset the Apple cart because of the wide the lid becomes a Perman ent coaster or that All for n thanks Fer listening Taylor Salsgiver dear Heloise the pins with different col ored Heads that come on new shirts Are Good to make ear rings for real Small Donna Baker san up nearly the entire student body of Catholic Assumption major Seminary wrote directly to Pope Paul i today to complain in uncomprehending anguish about archbishop Robert Lucelys firing of the top four Seminary the firing of the Seminary officials wednesday by the 77 year old Lucey grew out of the sending of a letter by 51 Catholic priests to the Pope six weeks that letter said Lucey was too old for his Job and had lost the ability to communicate with his Lucey wednesday summoned Louis Dean of students at the Seminary the Raymond spiritual director Roy and the vice before him and gave them identical letters of the 161 student priests at Assumption major Seminary held two and 127 of them signed a letter of protest to Pope Paul and four other High Catholic Church officials in Rome and the students told the Pope that they were acting on their own initiative to Lay before you our concern in regard to an extremely grave matter in the archdiocese of san they said that the 51 priests who wrote 16 had stipulated their desire to confine the petition solely through official channels without re course to the Public the priests made the letter Public a week ago when the Vatican failed to it is with deep regret and amazement that we have Learned of your failure to respond constructively to their the seminarians they said that in View of the second Vatican which liberalized some Church fun we find ourselves in uncomprehending anguish at apparent indifference reflected in Ivory Clink because of the earths de creasing rotational a Day now is l50th of a second longer than a Day years Case h530 Stella aged is a College she can you please show me that there is really a god the russian astronauts said they never saw god when they first travelled in outer and nobody today has Ever seen god so How do we know there really is a god add Etive logic nobody has Ever seen but we know it in we can Mea sure its effects on falling bodies and compute its and nobody has Ever seen electric but we have witnessed its manifestation As it causes the wires in an electric toaster to grow red we likewise see its effects in our Light bulbs when we push the but do you hear the russians denying Gravity or just be cause they never saw either one on their journey into outer space god is thus revealed through the tulips that change from apparently dead bulbs into a riot of color at the harmonizing of musical and the altruistic love of mature human reveal god More fully than does the hot toaster Coil indicate the passage of in visible but you can also logically prove the exis tence of god with the same scientific precision that you employ in in we find that what we Call Laws Are merely the generalizations of human at least since the beginning of written history on this an unsupported object will thus fall toward the Center of this it does so for us and did for All our so we merely generalize and say it always will do this we Call the Law of like we can show that Acci dents have produced Many such As hard Bronze and brass and Analyse those things and you will find they Are sub stances or but has Mankind Ever seen the Acci dental creation of a machine with the Teeth of one cog wheel meshing into the grooves of the next did any concatenation of whether volcanic eruption or tidal Ever produce even a wheelbarrow or roller skate or any synchronizing system where the parts inter act indeed so we have a corollary that All machines or synchronizing systems we have Ever have always had a creator or now consider the last leg of this Logi Cal the planets operating in precision or just a Hodgepodge can we make up our calendars a year in Advance certainly we can predict to a split second when the Sun will Rise years since the solar system is a precisely synchronizing and since mans experience has always shown such a thing to have a creator we have proved the existence of a creator behind our whether we Call him Elohim or As did the ancient or Man Itou or the great there is a god behind the Send for my Booklet the logical proof of enclosing a Long return plus 20 it offers a More detailed proof that makes atheists appear always write to Crane in care of this enclosing a Long addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you Send for one of his presidents Praise Washington ident Johnson praised the olympic team wednesday say ing in Victory and defeat you brought new Honor to our America in in your the president added your countrymen deeply appreciate the sacrifices you made to win such prestigious place in the greatest of All sports political advertisem*nt political advertisem*nt Hubert Horatio Humphrey Vic president of the United states our problems have been made by and they can be solved by Edmund Sixtus Muskie democratic senator from Maine Muskie let the Best team Lead our nation the temper and tone of his approach to difficult foreign policy matters is deserving of the highest Washington Post take a Quick look at some 01 the Humphrey Muskie achievements improved social Security programs nuclear test ban treaty medicare employment practices peace corps of Deprai Aid in pm Maimi take the problem vote of now to w the men whose records prove they know re Muskie ticket on a Fol 1 solve them n Humph vote i vote Row b All the re cd electors of president and vice president vote for associate judge of court of appeals vote for states senator vote for Justice of the supreme court 8th judicial District vote for any representative in Congress 38th vote for senator 57th Senate vote for member of Assembly i49th vote for court judge vote for 13 Coroner vote for any two b democratic Hubert Humphrey Edmund b democratic Adrian b democratic Paul a 5 b a b a 7 b democratic democratic democratic democratic William John John Rudolph u Levitt Walsh Doerr b democratic Wilbur b democratic Edison b democratic Robert b democratic August a 13 b democratic democratic Marvin Francis Peterson Mig lore Dunkirk City democratic committee phone 36631 11 a;

Dunkirk Evening Observer, Nov 2, 1968, p. 9 (2024)
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