Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)

DUNKIRK fKT.) BTBNTNCT TKOTWDAT, It, "I Mki billivt I urn IMS" me fert titiaf I everf pif to put S5.00 in my flntt Mooott. I set ma pan of my eatery. At I mtatad tt a littlo, but new I gat along OB wfcafa Tata to a aoaatblo way to fcattda cart raaam; aploaa- ant, pnuttojl habit to form. LAKE SHORE NATIONAL BANK DUNKIRK, NEW YORK Member of federal Depoijt Inmraata Corporation The Weather Date: Thursday, May 1. Condition: during 'last 24 p.

m. TB 11 m. 87 7 41 4 p. Midnite a. m.

5 p. m. 73 1 a.m. 00 9 a. m.

40 2 a. m. 87 10 a. m. 48 a.

ffu 54 1: a. ra. 4 a. m. 94 Noon 5 a.

m. SI 1 m. 47 6 a. m. 50 2 p.

m. 47 today at .8:37 p. tomorrow at 5:90 a. m. All data furniahed by gqvern- ment at the CAA emergency' landing ForecaaU, Mat portion tonight.

4ay, (till eool followed by rain In Wert portion. p. m. 70 7 p. m.

88 p. m. p. m. 87 10p.m.

60 70 Draftees Will Leave Dunkirk on May 22nd for Pfe'lnduction Physicals Twenty-four Arc in Class 1-A, Others in 2-A or 2-B--Thirty-seven Are Fathers. It'i ft Date-Bring in your pretty dmeea now and bate thett look like uee the odorleee TR1-CLEAN method. A I A otiAimta CITY-WIDE Scrap Paper Collection SUNDAY May 9A.M. Phone 5306 DR. GUBNN R.

FISH Optometrist Fltwr Orer JkjMt ttrnt loeattm for Put Ml Cemtnl Avenue Dunkirk. New York .1 Know the Answers! "Mm Vo IF TOO TOT to ttM a newTid pleasant te frttt, wrtfml itndJo, with mr modem of will find DO Ue aniwtri." Omlyr.nh.ettUUtfce.tory. ot tmr KNOWLTON'S VOLUNTEER WORKERS NEEDED FOR PAPER COLLECTION SUNDAY A group of Dunkirk men who arc willing to devote a few time Sunday morning to the war effort urgently needed for work during the waste paper collection here, it was announced today by L. Donald King, city salvage chairman. The pick up of paper will start at 9 a.

m. and should be finished before noon. The air raid siren will be sounded and the city fire and factory blown at '9 o'clock to remind of Dunkirk the drive is on, Mr. King said. Arrangements ere being made the use of a fleet of down rucks but there is (till a distinct hortage of volunteer On he morning of the last collection became necessary to in- service a group of Boy because some ef the men who iromised to be on hand, were not.

are aiked to place their at the curb ither late Saturday afternoon the evening 10 that they will ready whew the ut. In this way repeat to ertain will be unneces- ary, Mr. King pointed out. Magazines, card- oard boxes and scrap papet hould be folded and securely vrapped before being placed'at he curb for the collection. CITY and VICINITY City and Vicinity 12c per line, per insertion.

Cash with order. Count five to a line. --Aluminum paint. McMachan'a --Sea-foam white earrings SOc and $1.00 at Sideys. --Wallpaper barga'-a, room 98c.

BarkelTs, Fredonia. --Room lot wallpaper 98c up. McMachan's. --Circle Cleaners 4-day service. Phone 4119.

750 Park Ave. --3 rooms furniture for sale. Inquire 323 Swan city. --Floor sanders for rent. McMachan.

--Kyanlze Luataquik enamel for automobiles. McMachan's. --Rent a frosted food locker. Inquire 3281. N.

L. Smith Lumber Co. --For sale: 1039 Harley motorcycle. Excellent condition. Fredonia.

28SM1. --For sale: Fur coat, slacks, sizes 14-18. Men's cotton trousers. TS2 Eagle. --Rool roofing in stock--from $1.50 a roll up.

Smith Lumber Co, 802 Main St. --Good enough to eat suds- able 12 to 20 in peppermint stripes $5.00 at Sideys. --For sale reasonable: Beagle 4 months old. Kenneth Aikeh, 16 Liberty Fredonia, --Wanted: Girls for counter work at Cease's Allegheny Ludlum cafeteria. Apply at Commissary.

--For sale: 323 Leopard, brick building, very desirable garage shop, or warehouse. W. Roberts. Seventy will make up the May contingent which will leave May 22 from Selective Service Board 656 for pre-lnduction physical in Buffalo. Twenty-four of the men are now in class 1A and forty-six are classified either 2A or 3B.

The 2A and 2B classifications will be changed immediately. Thirty-seven of the group are fathers and are listed below with an asterisk: CUM 1-A Raymond E. "reen, Marlen H. Quackenbush, Warren C. Scott, Jack J.

Bonasera, John Falcone, Leonard J. Tonki, William F. Osborne, Ronald I. Gens, r)aniel J. Tuczynski, Ernest G.

Sommltz, A. Brown, John N. Schmltt, Arnold Hilliker, Daniel J. Balzer, Emery C. Lauck, trfd.

fram L. B. 1, Champaign, III, immed. Induction. Bryant (Negro) trfd.

from L. B. No. Leesburg, Ga. Robert S.

Latham, trfd. from S. 34, Cincinnati. Robert J. Domst, trfd.

from B. EUicottville, N. Y. John C. Burdock, trfd.

from L. B. No. 1 Keyser, W. Va.

Franklin A. Fox, trfd. from L. B. No.

64b, Olean. Kenneth B. Gens, trfd. from L. B.

495, Ithaca. REFEREE SETS DATE FOR SALE OF LAST OF BANH ASSETS Truateaa of Old Merchants Bank Affairs Corn- ation for 10 Yeara' Work. --1936 Olds 8-cyl. sedan. This is a bargain--1249.

Trades, terms. Ralph B. Jones. 210 Central Ave. '--Sales ladies wanted for full time work, experience not neces- must be 18 or over.

Kresge Dollar store. --Rummage sale Friday and Saturday. Castllone Building. W. Main, Fredonia, Sponsored by Legion Auxiliary.

Stephen J. Kaminsky, trfd. from L. B. No.

29, Detroit, Mich. Orie Sneed (Negro) trfd. from L. B. No.

1, Leesburg, Ga. Stanley B. Pacos, trfd. from L. B.

658, Fredonia. Immed. induction. ClasMe t-A, J-B J. Supkoski, Ricotta, R.

Pagano, P. Helfcldt, 'Richard J. Letersky, "Burton Armstrong, J. Pomroy. Joseph Czarnecki, 'Frank COMMITTEES NAMED FOR POLICE EVENT Will Bo Hold At Floral Hall May 29 for vioo Council.

Committees were announced today for the dance to be held May 23 in Floral hall by the Dunkirk Policj Benevolent association for the benefit of the Dunkirk Service Council. Chief Warren is honorary man and Alfred is active chairman. are: Reception--Chief Warren, Rahn, Kratger, Maloney, Kotciunko, Patrolmen Brooks, Vetter, Centner, Hoffman, Luti Clifford, Pryga, SchmiU, N'owak, Cheitle, Reilly, Councilmen Murray, Briggs, Panowict, Stein and Schilling. Maloney, Vet-j Cheatle, and scnmiu. Refreshments--ReiUy, Centner, Hoffman, Kralger.

or --Reynolds, Nowak, Lutz, Clifford. Entertainment--Kosciuszko and Schmitz. Welcoming--Mayor Barteln and Chief Warren. Music--Centner. 'RUB FOBTBR8 IHOWV DVSKIBE STORKS calling attention to SCHOOL ONE P.T.A, ENTERTAINS FATHERS Mre.

Samuel Feldman Inrtalf- Aa President At Final Matting. Two hundred persons attended the Fathers' Night program held by the Parent-Teacher association of School 1, as its final meeting of the season. Mrs. Carl Zimmerman, who retires president, welcomed the and spoke of the'close cooperation and understanding needed between home and school. Mrs.

Campbell L. Tyrrell; a past president of No. 1 PTA and now president of the Northern Chautauqua P.T.A. Council, installed the officers for the coming year. She said that the object of the organi- Zation it to make possible for the child the highest standards in hia spiritual, educational and mental development.

for the coming year are President, Samuel Feldman, vice president, Mrs. Mathew La- Mattlna; secretary, Mrs. George Tlzard; treasurer, Mrs. Richard Fitier. A program by the pre- pnmer class, taught by Mrs; Walter the second grade taught by Mrs.

Clifford Frld, and the adjustment' class, taught by Miss Glenn, included songs, stories, choral speaking and poems. A two-reel movie A Criminal which showed that parental neglect a powerful contributing factor in forming a criminal, concluded the program. Kubera, Dale W. Forness, J. Pchelka, C.

Johnson, Robert W. Fuller, 'William J. Sweda, 'Charles A. Borzillire. M.

Polasik, D. Criscione. Ralph H. McElhaney, H. Centner, T.

Berdyck, 'Thomas V. Cuccia, Benedict J. Szwejbka, J. Odebralski. 'John J.

Ferneza. C. Kapuscinski, Robert T. Eakin. Alfred Steffan, F.

W. Wiate, Charles R. Meyer, lino Malizta, P. Tilly, 'Edward F. Mleczko, J.

Cambria, car E. Weiss, M. Lakas, H. Tucker, 'Russell T. Martin, Kaus.

D. Ganey, 'George F. Kelly, J. Plede, F. A tentative date, June- 6, 10 a.

was set this morning by Referee Clinton T. Horton for the sale of the few assets ot the old National bank which have not been disposed of by the trustees, John H. MacMachan, Dunkirk; Clarence C. Miller, Kenmore; and the late F. R.

Darling, Dunkirk. The hearing held this morning places before the referee matters to be settled before the discharge of" the trustees and only one these matters was an issue. Thi is the compensation proposed by the trustees for their ten year' work in liquidating listed at $1,301,736.59. There were un acceptable to the bank examiners when plans were being made to reopen the bank following the bank holiday in 1933. The original trustee agreemen provided that the trustees woult receive no compensation but after tile depositors, who had surrendered 26 per cent of the money, had been fully repaid, the trustees felt that they were entitled to compensation.

They, secured the signatures of per cer the stockholders, who were to receive the benefit of the future liquidation of assets, to an agreement that each trustee would receive 1 per cent of the gross amounts received. J. Russell Rogerson, atttorney for the executors of the Robert J. Gross estate, who appeared "in a fiduciary capacity" objected to NICKEL PUIE CHEF MAKESraOMOTIONS President John W. Devto of the Nickel road today appointment of T.

at aiatant to president and A. D. Peters aa aaaiataat general manager of the road, both with headquarters in the Terminal Tower. Cleveland. Mr.

waa formerly general raperintendent aad Mr. Halea aa aiitant feneral superintendent with here. Their advancement to higher potta from dlacontlnuance of the office of Vice President simultaneously announced by the management of the road. Collateral Included P. L.

Peffer, formerly superintendent at Conneaut, who waa moved up to the office of general superlntendem at Cleveland, M. B. Phipps, formerly superintendent at ConncaB waa advanced to that locality. E. r.

Peter. erljr tralnmajter of Fort Chicago division, with otfi Fort Wayne, was to aaelatant aupetlntendem neaut. The burrowing owl ji land bird which ground. the the compensation that agreement on the executors Szyroanski, Thomaa E. Boiling, Arthur S.

Wltkowski. Ignatius H. POLIO COMMITTEE SENDS 4 NURSES TO LEARN KENNY METHOD cmild not be bound by an agreement that other stockholders had made and that the compensation arrangement could not be an amendment of the original trustee agreement since it was not agreed to by the bank, one of the parties to it. Mr. Rogerson explained that by objecting to the compensation arrangement the executors whom he represented were "simply transferring the matter from their consciences to that of the trustees.

The Gross estate owns 187 shares of stock in the old Merchants bank. The compensation in question Amounts to roughly about $29.000 for all three of the trustees and covers ten years' work and heavy responsibilities. The usual compensation for such services in surrogate's court is for each trustee. OCCUPATION: SMUGGLING Agriculture is main irrdus try of Andorra, tiny principality between France and Spain. The ueiween ranee ana Spain.

The 1 cati Weal and the be held Sunday after' High school, throughouTthe The were made by bom grade.4, 5 and 6 in at. Hyacinth's end St Hedwla'a School, and 7. WOUNDED HOMING PIGEON FOUND Dunkirk police have in their possession a wounded homing pigeon which was picked up here by Sheila Spencer, 90 West Second street. The bird blue and black, a wounded wing and bears a leg band "A-U-48-A-10416." It being cared for by Patrolman Pryga. The condition among cows known sick" has been icund to be caused by a deficiency of cooper aad ttaa the diet.

lae National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis met Wednesday evening with Dr. Hilding Nelson at his summer home, Driftwood, on Chautauqua Members of the committee from Dunkirk, Jamestown, and other towns ot the county attended. The guest speaker was Allan Altenburf of Albany, executive secretary of the New York state chapter of the foundation. He outlined the new program for the control of infantile paralysis. The chapter voted to pay for the training of four nurses of the county who will take a six-week Bccredited course in the Kenny method of treatment of polio.

Two county public health nurses, one from Brooks hospital of Dunkirk and one from the W.C.A. hospital at Jamestown, will take courses during the summer. They have not yet been selected. Several universities and gchools are giving the training, the nearest being at New York university and the University of Pennaylvania. Elected to the executive committee of the county were Dr Fitt- gerald Clark and Mary Wigren of Jamestown, Dr.

Edgar Bleber and Joseph Rubenstein of Dunkirk, Mrs. John Miller of Fre- dorria, Miss Lillian. Kuhl of Cassadaga. Margaret Conway of Mayville. At the close of the meeting, Mrs.

Nelosn served a buffet lunch to the group. that smuggling is an important occupation of the natives. --For bargains, read the ads. two dwelling Bucknor ttreet early Ihia afternoon, causing daman estimated at $25. A iSwS sounded from Box 48 at Bucfc.

sor and Benton streets The building STORY MinCK'S WOMIN STARTslEWlTE SATURDAY, MAY 20th at STATE The PIONEER Agency Fred 0 Kaiser Harold WIND8TOEM Reaidence and OuUide Theft Medical and Hoipital Benefit! For Automobile FALSE TEETH That Loom real I put. Wkbhl.4 JU.I iaft flrmlr. OOM not rfi A BETTER ROOF for LESS! KOLPIEN 425 Central Ave. Phone 3457 Lumber A Coal Corp. 1S6 Franklin, Phone 2240 Beautifully stjrled and rifted their exquisite fit and com- t'o rt are beauty insurance for a lovelier, livelier you (hit aummer.

Maya Be Procured Herat 5.00 $6.95 WALK woes SOFT 'n SWAN 3.45 $5. FREE X-RAY FITTING PARK SHOE $TORB Above Fourth Next LobUw'..

Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)
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