Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)

PAOB TWELVS DUNKIRK '(NT.) EVENING OBSERVER, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1942 1 Anniversaries and Departures Are Occasions For.Parti i A daughter was bom this morning at the hospital to and Mrs. Russell Alaimo of 23 Or- ehsfd street, fredonia. A son. Charles Leon, wna born Aug. 22 at the hospital to Mr.

and Mrs. Richard N. Smith ot 86 Lib- erty street, Fredonia. A son, Philip Brian, was born Aug. 21 at the hospital to Mr.

and Mrs. August King 426 Deer street. Inhabitans of the southern hemisphere can toll time by the Cross. --Road the OBSERVER. lor news of the boys in camp.

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T. MftTWt Birthday Party Mrs. Fred Bedford West Fourth street entertained a fsw relatives in honor of the ol Frederick Bedford of Shorewood drive, Wednesday evening. The evening was spent informally. Mr.

Bedford received a gift. Farewell Party The Misses Elinor Griffith of Washington avenue and Marian Williams of Swan street entertained a group of friends at a'theatre puvty recently in honor of 'severa: girls who will leave soon for college. 60th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Henry Walldorif will be at home to their friends Sunday alternoon frorri 2 to 5 o'clock, the occasion being the 60th anniversary of their marriage.

They are among the oldesl residents of the town of Dunkirk Mr. Walldorft living all but eight of his eighty years within a half mile his present home in Temple road. Mrs. Walldorff will celebrate the 83rd anniversary of her birth Friday. After the reception Sunday afternoon, dinner will be served at the Walldorff home for members ot the family and a few close friends.

Henry Wille, who attended the wedding sixty years ago, will be toastmaster. I Farewell Party Miss Mary Mahaney of Mullett street was the guest of honor Wednesday evem'ng when girls employed in the underwear billing office of the Van Raalte plant fen- tertainecl. The party had dinner at Freeling's on-the-lake at Westfield. Miss Mahaney 'will leave next week to make her home in Brooklyn. Luncheon Wednesday Mrs.

Robert Robinson entertained a Tew guests at luncheon Wednesday at Shoresvood Country club in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Evans of New York city and Chautnuciua. Mr. Evan's is a baritone soloist who has been on several programs at Chautauqua this summer, and is a member of the faculty of the Chautauqua summer school ot music.

Birthday Party Mrs. Peter Cirscione of 85 King street entertained a party of children at 'her home Tuesday in honor oE the fourth birthday of her son Peter. EVENTS TOMrCHT Olympia lodge will meet at Odd Fellows temple. The Cheese club will be entertained by Dr. Walter H.

Vosburg UTILITY UNIFORM 1.98 Nurses, beautieans. housekeepers here's just the 'uniform for you Cotton poplin that launders like a hanky in coat dress'styl- ing. Opens ont flat for ironing. 14-20. SIDEYS Dunkirk, N.

Y. at his home in Swan street. The Town Meeting of the Ai will be broadcast from the Chau tauqua ampitheater at 8:30. The West Green street Commu nity club will meet at the horn of Mr. and Mrs.

Ben Spnngborn The Ladies Drum corps of Hose company No. 3- will fo: practise at' the fire hall at 7 O'clock, Fredonia The West Hill Community club will meet-at the home ot Mrs Fred. Thompson, Summer street. Fenner 'camp, Sons of Union Veterans will meet in the S. of Miss Martha Roberts of Woodrow avenue has left for Florida for ah extended stay.

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Coffman of Syracuse are visiting Mr and Mrs. Louis Martin in Centra avenue for a few days.

Mr. and George Shaw and Jerry of Beaver, are spending a week visiting Mr. anc Mrs. Joseph Curtis in East Seventh Miss Elizabeth Hallenbeck of WoOjdlands has left, to visit friends in New. York- city.

She will attenc a dance at West Point Friday. The Rev. Bernard P. Gill of Buffalo was here Wednesday celled by the critical' illness his niece, Miss Dougherty The condition of Miss Dougherty who is a patient at. the hospital remains about the same today.

Mrs. Louis Heyl of Lake Shore Drive, East, has returned from a two-week stay in New York city where she attended a meeting of the American society of dance teachers. The condition of Herbert Dillenkofer of East Talcott street, underwent an appendix operation at the hospital Tuesday, is satisfactory. F. L.

Carter of Toledo, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Melville H. Mortson, in West Fourth street. Mr. and Mrs.

Albert E. Wesp and Mr, and Mrs. Howard Kreiner of Buffalo were guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Fred C.

Koch in Central avenue. Private Dougherty of Fort -Belvoir, will 'arrive this afternoon to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.

Dougherty, in West Fourth street. The Misses Helen and Theresa Bladykas of Washington lave returned from Ann Arbor, where they attended the summer session of the graduate school of the University of Mich. They will spend a short time with their parents before resum- ng their teaching duties. Staff sergeant, Herman A. Jaku- has returned to Fort Bragg, after spending a five day furlough with his wife in Serval street.

Miss Dolores Howe of Woodrow avenue underwent an appendix operation this week at Buffalo General hospital, where she is a member of the staff. Her condition is satisfactory. Two Dunkirk boys who are leaving for the army air corps after recently enlisting are Frank Schulenberg son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulenberg of King street, and Albert Dudzic, son of VTr.

and Mrs. Jacob Dudzic of ToWnsend street. They will re- port'at Fort Niagara. Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Jones of 'entral avenue are spending a week at West Point visiting their son, Henry Jones Jr. Mrs. Hans Hansen and Miss Hildegarde Hansen of East Seventh street and Mrs. Frank Hansen of Fredonia visited Pvt. Frank Hansen at Fort Niagara, Wednesday.

The Misses June and Gloria Ransen of Newport, R. .1., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reale Swan street for a few days. Miss Cleorre Clymer ol Buffalo and Mrs.

William Snyder of Cen- ral avenue are spending a week New York city visiting friends. Ralph Darling, who is associated with the Dayton Rubber corporation, has returned, to his home in Washington, D. after visiting' relatives in Dunkirk. Society Meetings Dunkirk Hose Co. No.

1. Special meeting.Friday evening, 7:30. By order of the President. Damsel flies and dragon flies are of the same order of insects. --OBSERVER advertising enables you to keep abreast of changing markets on the home front Home Froth Devens Observer Photo Pvt.

George J. Kruptnskl, R.D. 1, has been home on furlough to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kruplriski.

Pvt Krupjnski has been stationed al Camp Croft in South '-Carolina but was recently transferred to Fort Deveiis, Mass. MISSIONS INSTITUTE HELD AT CHAUTAUQUA The annual Institute of WorW Missions is being held this week at Chautauqua, conducted by the Home Missions Council of North America, the Foreign Missions onference of North America, and the United Council of Church Women. Chaplain for the week is the Rev. Dr. Charles T.

Leb'er, iecretary of the bo.ard of foreign missions of the Presbyterian church. Among the speakers who are on programs are: Miss Margaret T. Applegarth, will talk Friday at 3 p.m. on Latin-American customs; Dr. George P.

Howard, evangelist, whose subject at 2 p.m. Friday will be "Adventuring with Christ in South America;" Dr. Bradford S. of the federal council of the Churches of Christ, New York city, who will spfeak Friday morning at 10:45 on "The Stern Necessity of Peace Planning;" Dr. George V.

Denny, York city, who will be the Bryant Day speaker Saturday at 2:30 p.m. His subject will be "Freedom of Speech in War Time." SON OF CAYUGA CHIEF JOINS THE MARINES Buffalo, Aug. 27 Stanley J. Seneca, son of the chief of the ayuga Indian Nation, enlisted in the U. S.

Marine Corps here Wed- lesday. His home is on the Cattaraugus reservation at Irving. Seneca attended Western Union college at LeMars, where he ivas prominent in boxing and 'ootball. As an amateur boxer, he was crowned Golden Gloves champion at Sioux City, in 1939 and again at Omaha, 1941. He participated in the AAU boxing tournament in Boson in 1941.

Earle, the only other, son of hief Jacob. Seneca, is now serving with, the Ma- MIND Your MANNERS 9. M. FM. Of- Test your knowledge of correct social, usage by answer- the following questions, then checking against the answers below: Should a woman member of a volunteer 'war organization wear her uniform when not on duty? 2.

If a soldier off duty seems anxious to strike up a conversation with the person riding beside 1 him on a bus, train or street car should the person talk to him? 3. Should the person boarding 'a bus or street car, have his exact fare ready to hand to the driver or conductor? 4. Should civilians be good natured about the inconveniences they may have to put up with when traveling in wartime? 5. If no man gets up to give a seat to a woman who is having to stand with a child in her arms, should a woman do so? What would you do if-You are planning on taking a train trip-. (a) Make reservations as far ahead as possible? (b) Wait until the last minute.

Answers 2. 'Certainly. 3. Yes. 4.

Yes, 5. Yes. Better "What Would You Do" solution--(a); INDUSTRIAL SALVAGE MEETING TO BE HELD AT SHOeOOD CLUB Northern Chautauqua Indus trialists to Hear State Officials At Dinner Friday Night. R. Merrill Decker, chief of the industrial salvage section of War Production board in New York and R-.

B. Boland, field, representative, will address the meeting of industrialists from northern Chautauqua county to plan an industrial salvage The meeting is by the Dunkirk Chamber of Commerce at the request of the WPB and will be held Friday at the Shorewood Country club starting with a dinner at 6:30 p. m. The industrial salvage committee of which Frank Gaskell of the American Locomotive company is chairman in Dunkirk, is entirely separate from, the general salvage committee which is headed by Matt Zawadzki. Try Tomatoes Stuffed With Savory Meat By MRS.

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Add peas. Cut slice from stem end of tomatoes, scoop out pulp, and add pulp to lamb mixture. Cook meat for an additional 10 minutes. Fill tomato cups ivith meat mixture, place greased baking dish. Top with n-ead crumbs, and bake in moderately hot oven (444 D.

for L2 minutes. Makes 6 servings. This frankfurter salad makes a good luncheon dish for hot weather. Frankfurter Salad Six frankfurters, 1 bunch watercress, 1 small hea'd lettuce, 1 small head endive, 1-3 cup thin onion slices, highly seasoned Trench dressing. Cut frankfurters into thirds crosswise, then into matchlike sticks lengthwise.

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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)
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