Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)

FMK8LX DUNKOUC (NT.) ZTONINO OB8EBVE1, 4f "i Tbc EVENING OBSERVER! urging of fi publicans and eonsrvaiive Democrats, wj i as tLe standard bearer, to teat Soos pSniTcoMpAMT TM 1 m0fltks bowwr th ati 1 Uo'jirreH til? has Henrr K. O'ilSiaas Present if Ctrald B. Henry K. Jr. Outre! yasMtr s-y 1 Wallace A.

Thorns a OFFICE: and JO SECOND ST. Metnbcj oi Unittd oJ Audi: Bureau o' Circulate i Member or Ntw York Daiiies i Member of Newspaper RETROSPECTIVE Items of Local interest From OBSERVER Files TWENTY YEARS AGO-- 1956 to THJRTY YEARS AGO-- 1906 Carisuaa of lilj FOUR ROADS H. National Advertisinj Kt GEORGE B. A I A York Chicago lji St. Louis Kansas i Eatered "vVc 35 I i-.

if, a the at J'i to and He war. I I A A WtUNKSUAY. JAM of f'ortl tr is oi KnxlaoJ, and tzzyfif fjt iji his liitijvRtfrf. ifl.3 iiifl of uce fchec a Lioa arrested ly i- teld They will be grasd jury. The i-riM'o-u: The i i i i i i i is pri-suniabiy i-'i SWVcs it worthy i the fight in til A i i Jc-'-v Thomas H.

I ti.rs --Sit-ill V.r tin: of 'if by ('. I I A. of year stfcii at I'uia: wiaere children Huuiiy ot the point was us uo a Jutife Former lauij joiut 'eijiion Of tii' itr at Albany. day bill! tn IK- i in r-ii tate ati'l i i i nf 1 sis Tiiit i frtiinilii'ioti at a i Springs. a Tin- is v.oriiiu'h:!.- aided by i i i i i iif i a i i i Th- I i .1 i ideut i i i i i i ST.4!.-:.

pn 'I .11 I I i i I I I IT In I 1 it. TV. ill In- ami I M'AKT A Tho i i i a i i i Mr- i a 1" a it l' 4 i i all di-al i in- clear i June and its p-stilts tnnirrstooit i Mr. Smith iniuli: a ami M5s Hi- a i i i his jiuwt-r on the i I i i i I i his Tin: i i i rriiuiins i dietcriaiiifti. i i i furni'-r Tork sjovf-ndT lost sonu- in- failed lo i I i tin' lini-s thf ssup I i movement al i and d'ariu-r i 1'ast.

a i lifcarsi has I I I I fri'in Knosi-veit a Laiulon. i i i iusl i inure pt'estiir-' in his controversy i l-'ath'-r hut lately, it is reported, i a i priest is i i some losses, too. luml to out the of pi'nsent day and i bearing on the. Future. Smith i has a power-: fill position nf leadership.

'I here are a Democrats who i i his i of view, many who do not feel at home in party new deal i a i They are, bewildered, even as the i i a were bewildered in the cross currents ami economic of 1HH2. Some men do develop a great affection for political party, a sentiment, which is second only to she. love of uountry us civic i i party fails or appears lo a i they aiv at a loss. are i i to a loyally as Mr. Smith says, and a i i is ivuehed when pvty loyalty comes i conflict one's as to best i of i nation.

It does not appear probable i a there i lie a a i a i party. The new dealers offer one course of a i the i a will offer a am! the i of a a will be clear. Democrats who i new de.alism i can i the IScans just as the a voted i JDeniocarts in A i parly sel-np wrtnl'l only add to i aud rnnke i1 possible for a i i instead of a a i to shape a i a policies in next Mr. i we are convinced, feels i a l)CSt met hod of rule by the jority is a continuance; of the a 1 1 searcisy i i i least, i i a scarcity. To i a exl'-ist t'-mporary N.

K. Ard'-nt i i i i i i i i a i I i I i i i i i i nl' recently isor i a jireseiitiy it i AII i i a lion of newspap'-r in wa-i ale i i i by L'eor-e Fort, i i News'. i i i a Mit'i'icii-nt t.i the day. i i i also "he necessary to i to act as i i as well ns a i the news is, and to a i what it means, i i a i back of solid a of everydav events. Tin- world's irroivin-r i i sees it.

sary. The newspaper --volv WASHINGTON LETTER- i the Scenes In Washington, D. C. Politicians Ponder Whether Liberty League Is Asset or Liability to Forces Fighting Roosevelt How Msissing of Wealth Will Be Re- ganied by "'Common Man" Stirs Guessing Contest And How Much of His Old "Drag" Does Al Smith Retain? BY i Jaa. "3-The Al Saiisli.

has a arKiiasi'iU inindoil el'isiitat h'sru wliii-h only will decide. I i i i in the i Lo d-rfuut Itixiac- this Or is merely .1 MOKliRihlf factor. Jnuctl as Mr. IK'i'CS- of was at does any oilier mi i i i I was. orijriniillv.

i i i i i I for i i i a opinion fort es him a job and sum" moni-y? Xpv.r Iwrforo have tho invnors of ihl 1 nation's inilusirhil wealih puhiicly Manned in such fashion ID i i i oji'-aly at sidu of an-t ciuaiivi-3 in national politicul in the past have Keaerally em content tn cta in the background and the What i Voter and wen: hjjavy oa it froai the speaking "'or ihe K'eat rank and of the American peopio. to which 1 I.oaKiif shiiu tho and of its directors ami h.ickt-rs far inward lick: and ihat 'iic attitude rhe nation's bis is bound i tn afffct niiip'oyi; soni'' i to Massed Wealth On hand, administra- KenunUly sished IN NEW YORK Th-' (ni-'sliuu Illfr a Is who Waiter Rebukes Spendthrift Playboy Lights Smoke With 5-Dollar Bill and and Hears About It. with r-lic ior Smith his knows taai 4.. or do.Iars Kn) speech rind ouined tiiat if that was iii'-- could do. sot 'em." They pointed to tho banquet aUixy.

which included Alilricb, of Chase National Bank; Colby Chester, of General Foods: John Davis, of the Morsan inter'i-sis; Prc-si-lent icobert V. Fleininir. of tho Amoricua Cankers' Chif-f Lobbyist (5ads- companies: two '-f tho Andrew Melion's handy man. Dr-vid A. Reed; an of its owner.

Then it. came to serve as a ureat record of current, and now it is head- In the direction of interpreter as well as recorder. Tls i i i i i i i force, in as i the pasi. must be a passion for its readers an honest, i i pictnrrt nf i world It out a modern streamline antos are not a i i i too many iracljjets a i i i i flow c.f air currents and pedestrians. recent that this i i iliscard his pre-war if eac! niairaxines a ask me; i a i a i a i at las! is painless.

The i clinsii'iied i was not i days a a "A A Supreme I a few made poj Some a-jo a people, dismayed Hy the new deal tlepartnivs i a i i a 'roof a i 1'. S. movie an is evidenced in a "Ay a Ay home" a i of Japan's arms confcrc Taonerville By Fontaine Fox it rs-w le will instinctively distrust it. League speakers stressed the Importance of their program to oiher militant foes of organized labor; and at leas; 20 members of the du i'onl family. The Xew Dealers promised wide distribution of copies of Senator Schwelienbnch's speech attackin; income tax operation? 01 Pierre dn and John Itsskob and flaying who control the league- They decided, in short, that the league and its tactics win be a big help r-j-eleetins Roosevelt.

ANGINA PECTORIS SYMPTOMS MAY BE DUE TO CONSTITU- I A DISEASES The. typical or us.ul By GEORGE ROSS NV.v York. Jan. on ihe c-oiuniuar rounds: At last Eddie Cantor appeared w.ih hi. of -A-Iioni he always speaks, and the gentleman wit-i Wynn was pointed out to me as his uncle, who was lo be a myth.

Tlie champion gate-crasher of the world, incidentally, is th; One-eye Connolly rold the r.tasjedoor man that he was Grade Allen's brother and GOT IX. For the first time since "2H. I saw a cigarette the other Police mounts are trained to look ferocious bat aren't at it doesn't seem long ago tha; Mariraret Siillavan was appearing, all but unknown, in a little Broadway fiasco entitled "Happy This correspondent also participated in that Also in the cast was a young lady named Catherine Dale Owen, fiesh from Hollywood triumphs Since then. Miss Owen has vanish- i'. will be for Presid-'-nt Kouseveit --Secretary IcUe- A I I AT 20 Cal.

i i iiiK daii.ehu-r as nii-aus of punishment i-mislUuli-: legal justification for leavin; home, uecording to county tion ofticers here. Miss Klizabesl Smith, spanked by her lather, tolu by Hieal authorities she hao a risbt to resent it. ed while lights sip a marquees. bright playboy light a That was Katharine walking Flush down Dispassionate observers can't be They wish they could gauge the effect of Ai's broadcast speech --as he stood there his white tie askew. outbursts of friendly miit'-r his KaSi Side accent from many of those hhn eight yoars ago analysis who fought of political trends would use to know whether tag of "socialism" which Al pinned on the Now Deal is a moth- eatPn hfisjp.v in the popular mind whether it is still ns effective of oi pn sists of the sudden onset pain in the resiion nf th or breast im; There is a feo'inp: ile.itJi at hand.

The pain rn.iv i left and arr.i. The i i is motionless (afraid and often batluM wish rolij' perspiration. The pain comes "ti suddenly after excitement or a hearty Ths feels ns if it were la a vise. While some caf toris show som vas in "I92S. iioover posiilon on power was Th" dfhated here now liit-r fai-t a Al wa saying it a politically effeC- following.

Al re- his oid popular with an ignited $5 bill night. Even the waiter bawled him cut. Cornell Beeknian Place the other Flush the spaniel who was featured with her in "The Barretts of Street" and is now retired on an old-age pension. Shining Example This is the town where even the nickle-a-shine-mister men their assistants. One bootblack on P.roadway has a stooge to carry the box.

It might have been an unintentional misprint but the program for a flop show read: "Please do not waik--run to that exit." What happens to a great showman after his show iias settled down a Well, since Uilly Rose unveiled "Jumbo" in, thu Hippodrome, he hasn't been seen at his once but phones in now and then to see how things are going. They teil about the actor, subpoenaed in a lawsuit, wiio was asked to identify himself upon the "am UK world'' A Ark. MAN ADEPT -One-armed ises of in "ni Iwanlit 4S Sinned eight 'the' of cotton by himself in one I'lay. performed his feat stmcture of the a a blond- performed his feat at a Manila gin. Hi- operated The is f-it to be tna the cotton, tied and heart i not seiting the enough blood (nr containing enough oxygen i so enable it to do its work properly, or that there may ho a partini closure of the supj'iy- MALE DEER DEPLETED Herk-Iey.

fal. (TP)-- The deer of California is suffering from an excess of ihe female K. K. Unli. curator nf ins the walls or heart i species.

blood. at the Vnirersity of However, some physicians i f'alifnniia. places the biame on that "ansin.il" atacks ini 1 10 lack of certain predatory ani- manr cases are lne to otlicr! laals and tlie tondPncy of hunters eatises than the lack of pure prefer bucks with horns. ia tli" heart muscles I Dr. C.

H. Beach. Richmond. --Auction bills. Dunkirk Ptg.

Co. in the Journal of the American! Medical Association, states th.it 1 these nttactis orcn 1 when available energy is not equal in! she dem.inds made on the ho.irt muscle. The imliriilm! may be i.uv' low energy for a number eT reasons. 1. Reduced of Wood to causes.

A of oxygen in the as in anaemia (Uiin blood). i 3. A lack of certain necesssryj foodstuffs in tho b.ood. I An abnornially rate njanufactaring energy from ihei food. This is seen cases jtiK-re is a of tnyroid slow, fat.

sluggish condition of The; I body. i Tho thought is that in jtroatSns a with aasisal: jsyniptoms. simply the to rest and is not sufficient tha: a i joii.sh examination shoiiiii be the rate of b'ood ciroa-i JTation. ihe lark ot carrying; power of the blood, the possibility) of Jack of iron in the Wood, anilj the rate ai which body pro-) cesses work (metabolic test) shoaJd as! be considered. Thaa Dr.

Beach pats it. "each presenting should be jthe utmost care." stand. he said, greatest actor in the Sulla van's thousand A mau who is good -s-nough to shed his blood for his country iu good enough to be given a square deal afterward. More than that no man is entitled to. and less than that no man should have.

--President Roosevelt. quoting Theodore Roosevelt. "Fetieral" means union of states, and our? is not a union of states. Om- government was formed by the- people as a whole. It is -Representative So! Bloom.

York, who is annoyed when peopie refer to "federal" erurnent. We've got to it to drive sarely. instead of smart to reckless. --P. G.

Hoffman, chairman. Auto- PUPPETEEFtlNG Berkeley. PAYS Cal. I. UP i Edgar V.

Tainton is believed to be- only student in the world who is working his way through a university by means of Tainton gave his first Punch Judy show at the age of 10. Now he stages original puppet shows. Steel Blackboards surfaces have schools. with enamel invented for mobile tion safety committee. Associa- RAPPER FANNY SAYS: HtC.

U. JL MT. OFT. A doubtful attorney retorted. "Are you tjnite sure of that?" 'Are the vain thespian shot back, "insinuating that I am committing perjury tinder oath?" Last Survivor Passing Show: Morris Ost.

the late David Belasco's son-in- law is the only Broadway luminary stiil sporting a flowin binck ribbon necktie. Thai was Capt. Eddie Ricken-j backer, the air ate, hurrying across the street, cagiiy io beat a red iiaht. I've run into a writing man the north whose, name for years. Mike Hirano.

a senial Japanese, been George M. Cohan's faithfnl valet- Now gets his reward, because thr affsble 0. M. has invited Mike tc npfp.k two lines in his latest p2ay. "Dear Old Frank Far.

raatrinionia! 'diffirullii's with nsiriiara Stan. vi'yck have just botn airt-d. won't acrppt any jobs for a but jtoilvd for ihn-o hours master at Froh Affors' Find 1 n- it was ai thnt charitable affair, by the way. where Thomas A. Edison's to stazefolk was iwealed.

world of worry." the ir.te inventor wrote. actor is a ray of sunshine. who do not "read the road wenlth. s'lonid have a warm place in our affections." The lard of. ycior.ce anosg closest friends many a theaier in Jet: I Guernsey Williams was a bitter moment that whs: tell a radio comedian goes ia jone ear and tnc other.

What woaid you guess is worst menace Xew S'ork's moani- jed cops have to face? Preventing old ladies from feeding their horses candy bars, chewins: gum. ice cream cones and sugar lamps of course. You can always look a police horse right in the month. without A railroad engineer or tugboat captain who knc-- no more aoout his vehicle's performance than many wouldn't stay on the payroll 30 minutes. P.

Sloan. automotive executive. I think the more the people of the country see Governor Tai- and hear him. the better FAST-RUN A A I Tim "Daily except Sunday. iie4.I_^ and nnd-y only: atl other trains CRVfllAfe a.

5 40 a. rn 11:50 a. p. rn P- fi -5f a. 24 a.

.1 1.3. a. 11:14 p. 10:12 n. 11:15 m.

A I I ItHA.VCII. X. T. Leave i i- ni. Arrive a.

ra. (No- ch CI.AI-K IF): (F): (Passengers iihn-ra st. no stop a nitiiits a. (P): 4 7 (F) (N) Provisional stop for l-ay Cnnsnli Tirket. Apcn: I'D For yay the wost.

I A A m. Casthound 6:14 a. 4:25 sjETuIarlr i I I I I A Arrive i t. m. Leave p.



Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York (2024)
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